Purchasing artwork

Some of the work on display on this blog is available as autographed and numbered limited edition prints.  The photographs are Giclée prints done with pigment inks on archival quality paper with a non glossy or canvas surface.  Solar plate intaglio etches are etched using archival quality intaglio inks and the finest Fabriano etching papers.

What is a solar plate intaglio etch?

It is an art piece produced by one of the oldest methods of photographic printing.  A metal plate is polished and sensitised with an emulsion.  The image is contact printed onto it using a strong source of UV light like the sun.  The plate is then developed and etched in a corrosive bath.  The emulsion is cleaned off the plate to leave the image etched into the surface of the plate.  Using special pigment ink the plate is inked and painstakingly cleaned to only leave the ink in the microscopic recesses of the image etched into the metal.  Special dampened etching paper is put through a roller press in contact with the paper whereupon the paper fibres are forced into the ink containing recesses by immense pressure and the image transferred onto the paper.  The number of prints that a specific plate will yield is limited to about 50 since the microscopic recesses eventually close from the sheer pressure of the press, making these etches very special and collectable.  The plate is destroyed at the end of the print run by the artist engraving his signature into it.  The plate usually sells with the last print of the run as a set and is a very sought after item and framed with the print.

Purchased artwork is supplied unframed and without copyright.  Copyright remains with me in order to protect your investment from being reproduced unauthorised.

For enquiries about purchasing any specific art piece please feel free to e-mail me:         email


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