This blog contains material depicting nudity and erotic adult emotion not suitable for viewers under age 18 or those offended by nudity, kindly click the following link instead to my photography blog on images dealing with a wealth of other aspects of beauty and emotion besides nudity:

Emotion behind the lens

If you are here in desperation of a cheap soulless perverse visual thrill, please leave quietly and close the door behind you.  If you are open to conviction however that the nude female form can evoke emotions other than crude basic lust, then step inside and close the door behind you.

homepgenudeMy motivation

I created this blog as a showcase for my personal work on a very sensitive and controversial subject, that of the nude female form.  This genre of photography presents a massive challenge to the modern day photographer since the advent of internet and the negative connotation brought upon it by the major part of the net being populated by the multi-billion dollar pornography industry.

I refuse however to yield to those masses exploiting cheap photography and the female form in lieu of those capable of appreciating artistic expression using the uncovered beauty of the female form.

My patrons are collectors of fine-art, men and women from across the world prepared to exchange hard earned currency for something they perceive to be valuable and therefore collectable.  They display these autographed and numbered limited edition artworks on the walls of their sanctuaries to be enjoyed on a daily basis and to become part of their lives and testimonials to their perceptive abilities.

To be able to appreciate what I’m exhibiting here you need to know that these images come from my soul, from the souls of those women prepared to expose their feminine beauty with both pride and honour to my lenses and ultimately to your eyes and more importantly, your mind.  None of these models received monetary compensation for their efforts and simply model as a means of expressing themselves and to proudly immortalise and celebrate their beauty in fine art.

Be my guest.

4 Responses to “Home”

  1. awesome !!!

  2. Nice Blog


  3. u have some nice images!

  4. Derek, I have always appreciated nude photography that’s full of emotion, but your work has truly left me without words. I know it sounds fawning and I’m sure you get loads of it, but I’m truly in awe… you have a gift!
    I have just recently started my own nude portfolio and am now slowly breaking into the posing arena, where apparently there is a shortage of girls willing to do this kind of work. I’d be truly honoured to pose for you if ever it came to that…..
    Just a suggestion if you ever feel like capitilising on it…

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